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Community-based, human-centered thinking

Wellness is about thought-process, mindset, whatever we put into our bodies, therapies, & physical activity. This is why philosophy & theory are important.

Wellness means general welfare. Wellness is actually in the US Constitution!!! This means that the founding fathers intended on everyone to have wellness!!! We're here to deliver the passage to that wellness. Wellness might be stability to one, & mean a roller-coaster to another. Wellness is whatever variables have to be set in what way for you to feel alright & organized in thought. It might involve living indoors. Some people only find wellness when living in the wilderness. Wherever you find a well-balance of mind, body & spirit, you're well. You can define it in terms of productivity, if you're producing something that advances society to some ideal, that could be wellness.

Wellness must start with awareness. One must be aware of what people might be feeling or thinking. That givIt transforms into concienciousness. That leads the way to respect, & that results in cooperation. That eventually turns into community development based on the progression of the individual.

The roller-coaster effect is caused by an incomplete Maslow's Triangle & Marston's Social Model. It may involve various therapies, which prompt the Yin to change & not the Yang, because they're all that are available. A program that addresses the Yang would have too much liability. Because nobody can take a huge risk to help the mentally ill, they're left randomly flying into panic attacks.

Wellness at One Mind Restoration is humanistic because we're human beings. We believe in the complete Marston's Social Model symbolizing wellness. We approach wellness with wisdom. Wisdom involves knowledge, learning, thinking, therapy, cooperation & action. Wellness means fitting well into civilization.

There's a very widespread philosophy that aims to deceive people who are seeking wellness. It's philosophy of the self. It transforms people into being miserable instead of love. It takes a special kind of wisdom to detect if that person is selfish & miserable because they look fine on the outside. It's a very subtle philosophy that's attractive to psyches that aren't founded upon love already. It's good to take care of the self, but ensure it's founded on the strong foundation of love. Anything else will eventually result in worthlessness & unfulfillment.

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The best way to destroy an enemy is to make him a friend.
— Abraham Lincoln