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Community-based, human-centered thinking

Healthy brain function involves easy flow of thoughts.

  1. State the problem.
  2. Form a hypothesis
  3. Gather data
  4. Carry out the experiment
  5. Gather data from it
  6. Form a conclusion.

Hypothesizing might sound like a conspiracy theory, as mass-media has labeled all hypotheses. We encourage all thinking. We teach coping skills to use the gifts that you have to boost your brain function. Thoughts are electrical functions. All nervous flow is electrical functions.

The very way that you think is a crucial component to your overall health and well being.. Living towards the negative will only foster conflict and a sense of lack, while living towards the positive will create more opportunity for you to experience harmony and abundance.
— Gary Hopkins

Use all thought-forms to build your power of thoughts

Embrace all comments, use your racing thoughts constructively, become aware, be altruistic, have gratitude, be gregarious, think of others, be conscientious, encourage thinking, just say no to thoughtlessness, meditate, etc.

Thoughtless sayings are encouraged by many 'good' organizations

Instead of saying, "I release all criticism," say "I embrace all criticism." Criticism encourages thinking. Releasing it into your subconsciousness merely turns it into an underlying problem. Therefore, non-thinking creates underlying issues in thought processes, & suffering in those who we give our advice to. Embracing all criticism so we use it for gain involves some ingenuity, or original thinking. It takes bravery to embrace a negative thing & use it for positive. For instance, someone says, "You think you're right all the time." It's quite flattering to the one he said that to because he observes the other person never being wrong. Use it as a complement. Embrace it, & don't listen to the non-thinkers who recommend releasing everything simply because it happens to be reality-based, & reality happens to have a negative vibe.

When you're depressed, remember that you're actually happy. This is coming from someone who has severe depression without awareness of it, technically called anhedonia, due to a permanent brain injury. I want to tell you a story about an old farmer, his son & his neighbor:

Long ago in China, there lived an old farmer with his son. He also had one horse to plow the fields with. One day, the horse ran away. The farmer told the people that if they saw it, to return it to the farm. One person said, "That's some bad luck because your horse ran away."

"Good or bad luck, how should I know?" The old farmer replied as he went on his way.

About a week later, the horse came back to the farm on its own, but with it was a wife & children. "Oh, that's some good luck," the neighbor said.

"Good or bad luck, how should I know?"

A week later, the son of the farmer was riding one of the horses & fell down & broke his leg.

"That's some bad luck," the neighbor said.

"Good or bad luck, how should I know?" the farmer repeated for the third time.

While the child was recovering, the army recruiters came around, drafting people for the war. The son was spared because of his injury. The farmer was spared because of his old age. The neighbor & most of the town were taken.

The farmer kept an optimistic mind. Saying "that's good luck" or "that's bad luck" is false because nobody knows whether it's good or bad luck. If you see all things as only good & nothing is bad, pessimism & depression vanish.

Thoughts like a river:

You might do something like marketing. If you alternate between doing something active & outside, such as sweeping the patio, ideas will come involuntarily & naturally without forcing them with stress. This is because the wheel of life pushes the stream within you. Daily, you must cycle the wheel of life a few times in conjunction with medicinal soup after dinner, all fresh food. That way, you grow a better brain after a year.

Thoughts are living forces

You send out a radiance of kindness, & so you'll reap. See reflective therapy. Imagine your thoughts jetting away from you as you create them like typewriter ribbons of endless paragraphs written in the air. If many of these thought-ribbons fly out from a few people, a powerful Yin energy is created, & thus, a powerful Yang action can result. A community is based on this, & is no more than reinforced thought waves that are coherent. In other words, when a community all thinks the same, they can do powerful things. Therefore, a collective thought performing one or many tasks is a point that should define a community as opposed to a mere group of people living together. In a group of thinkers, thought ribbons can be manipulated with one another, & seem to come to one member as a thought out of the blue.


Whenever we talk about nutrition, we mean consuming the particles found only in nature without processing (with some exceptiones, such as olive oil & apple cider vinegar) mankind. Eat salads made of strawberries, raw nuts, grapes & various greens. Shake some spices on it if desired, & add oil & apple cider vinegar.

Collective thought (coherent ribbons)
Collective action

The way you think is up to you. Nobody can make you do anything. The way people think of you is up to others. The key is balancing the two. Instead of saying, "I don't care what others think of me," say "I don't care how the people who don't think perceive me. Respecting all people fairly is key to this. Therefore, the more learned among us will hold virtues & morals that encourage more thinking. Think the way you do, but exercise cooperation, respect, gratitude, & all the virtues.

An old dog can learn new tricks, be optimistic. Learning conditions your brain to think & eventually solve problems. Being proactive about your recovery will make it successful. Put side-by-side with a person who didn't care about his recovery, taking recreational drugs instead of proactive challenging therapy, made no progress, & the one who challenged himself daily developed a positive attitude, adequate cognition & almost normal ability & diet.

Be resourceful

Resources can help make life easier for you & others. Since there a few resources available to those who have a brain injury, One Mind Restoration saw the need for one consortium to organize those companies & organizations. Organizations & kind individuals can help empower you to do what you have to do to be more successful or productive. Our facility can only hold so many people, but we've designed a program to empower individuals to become more independent.

The goal here is to barely have any self-control. The goal is to elevate your self-discipline through ego-work & selflessness to such a degree that you flow naturally with all virtue. It's a complex internal battle within your Biophoton Field that's unique to the individual, & so uncommon in the USA that it barely ever happens, but it can. You can browse our bookshelf for more Eastern thought that can help you transform your paradigm. It isn't exclusively about flowing with society. There's a much larger picture as you climb into higher dimensions, such as the Biophoton Field.

Make an effort, challenge yourself daily, be all that you can be, be proactive in what efforts you contribute to boost the economy. This is the way of life more abundantly. This is the way to learn the lessons necessary in this school of life for a productivity after the final Graduation. It's a never-ending learning process. For example, one way you can learn is to meditate on a single thought, & make sure that it's one simple thought & nothing else. Do that for a long time until you learn that lesson. Another way to open the mind to accept advanced philosophy of the spirit is by yoga. However, be careful because the exercise is a tool of the spirit, & there are many bad spirits out there. Do it with good spirituality. It's all a journey, but it can be dangerous if you don't know what you're doing.

If you stay active & be aware of the unpredictable & invisible realm, stay healthy with biohacks, biofeedback, brainfood, regeneration, food, drink, water, Maslow's Triangle, Marston's Triangle & you'll get by alright.

It begins with your family & soon it comes down to your soul.
— Leonard Cohen in Sisters of Mercy

Your mind creates and emotion from a memory. That emotion over time becomes a habit or mood. If that emotion lasts over a year, it's a personality trait.

Out of all the videos on thinking I've seen, this one covers the philosophy of healthy thinking most:

After getting this foundation, loose yourself from anything unproductive in your life, any addictive behavior. Your time is then free to work towards your goals. Break down your long-term goals into daily steps & fulfill those steps every day.

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