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Your paradigm is your reality. If you look at a map & then at the road, you've just shifted paradigms. Your perception is your reality. The idea of democracy & forming the USA was a paradigm shift, a revolutionary idea. It changed the perception of reality for everyone. Everyone who lives must undergo many paradigm shifts before passing on. We encourage a positive shift. Some have bleak views about the world & end up causing themselves suffering. Your paradigm affects your attitude.

Find the root & of the problem

For every thousand hacking at the leaves of evil, there's one striking at the root.
- Henry David Thoreau

Most doctors trim trees, not roots. Find the root on your own & eliminate it. For example, a man once had enough of his ailments & schizoaffective condition that developed from it, so he fasted & prayed 40 days under supervision of a sensei, & he felt better than any doctor has made him feel. Many people aren't cut out for that, but that's the only example we have. He could also deal with many other situations that he previously couldn't deal with.

Get a better map

Another way to change your paradigm is to change the way you think about everything. We think that's why there's religion & philosophy. Taking up another religion can change your paradigm. That's also why any sacred text can say a few different things for each verse. An unlimited number of religions can come from any number of interpretations of it. It takes a lot of insight to use a religion properly. Try meditating on each point as if it were a Koan. The idea goes back to our map example. We can have a stress-free trip without endangering lives if we stick to the correct map.

Halt what's failing & transform into happiness & success: reset button

Meditation is a therapy that can help you see things in a different way. There are many sacred texts to help prepare your mind to enter the realm of enlightenment. Enlightenment is the highest level of Maslow's Hierarchy of needs. In a Kirlian camera, used in Biophoton Field Theory, the light of the meditating individual moves into the physical body, which results in healing. (Hint: also dubbed "The Light of Man" or "The Light of God"). Keep these scientific facts in mind when reading any sacred book. We recommend meditating 30 minutes before breakfast & 30 minutes before bed.

Start reconstruction. Install these principles, & hold to them:

Principles are invisible Yin energy, potentials. Carrying them out is the visible Yang energy. The 2 must stay balanced.

Wisdom principles
Wise action brings success.
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