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Fritz A Popp

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Fritz A Popp

Dr Fritz Albert Popp was born in 1938 in Frankfurt, Germany. He has written 8 books & over 150 journal articles. He holds a degree in experimental physics in the University of Wurzburg, a PhD in theoretical physics at the University of Mainz & a Professorship at Marburg University. He was one of the many scientists who confirmed the cell communication of biophotons.

These particles of light, with no mass, transmit information within & between cells. He shows that DNA in a living cell stores & releases photons creating “biophotonic emissions” that may hold the key to illness & health.

After nominated Professor by the Senate of the University of Marburg on September 10, 1972, Fritz-Albert Popp was invited to lecture at universities worldwide. He was the first to coin the term 'biophoton' instead of the previous term by Alexander Gurwitsch 'mitogenic radiation'. His findings include:

Since Popp's research was confirmed by other research groups in China, Holland, Japan, Poland, Russia, USA & other countries, eventually the International Institute of Biophysics (IIB) was established. That's the institute to contact if you want to become a catting-edge biophysicist. The institute has the most talented experts in biophotonics all working together. They study bioelectromagnetic signals to redefine our understanding of biology,

Soon, from 1981 to 1986, Walter Nagl, Popp & Ke-hsue Li studied at the relationships between biophoton emission cell growth, cell differentiation & the configurations of DNA & made some more breakthroughs. Popp & Nagl conclude that it may be possible that contamination might be the culpret in the scattering patterns of photons.

It has been confirmed by the Los Alamos National Laboratory in the USA that the viral infection in cells may be caused by scattering patterns in biophotons. Virologist M. Lipkind can detect viral infection with biophotonics analysis. China and India, unlike the US, has integrated Biophotonics into high ranking universities. However, th US spends the most money in the world out of all the countries on healthcare. I would think the country would also be all over biophotonics. Well, it isn't. Will someone please bring biophotonics into our education system?

The bottom line is, biophotonics is the most cutting-edge medical research, & all the countries of the world, namely the US, who haven't heard of it yet need to start using & integrating it into the classrooms.

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