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We need peer services

Expansion of peer services would solve a lot of economic problems.

How One Mind Restoration peer services make additional benefits

What are peer services

Peer support is a non-medical approach to the treatment of mental health. Trying too capitalize on mental issues would be a fraud and ends up violating the subject's well-being. Peer support complies with all do-no-harm principles of the Hippocratic paper Of the Epidemics. Peer support is more than being there for someone. It's like being a big brother or big sister, someone to help the friend think.

A peer specialist has already been through a DSM-diagnosed psychosis and has either overcome it via a holistic means, such as hypnosis, or uses an ongoing treatment with medication. However, the latter (medication), proves to be unstable in most cases because of the nature of the brain's reticular system. A once-and-done, usually taking several years, results in most stability. For example, a Navy seal Chief Petty officer Mikal Vega, 20 minutes into the documentary, has made it through a neck-break from an IED, fire-fights and more and that didn't kill him, but the psychiatrist almost did.

Conversations are rarely one-sided. They build self-esteem in the client as well as in the peer specialist because the client provides help as well as the specialist. In other words, the student is the teacher, and the teacher is the student. Both exchange ideas and help while exercising respect and responsibility, working together. The PS or CPS has been there, so experiences can be shared with understanding. This kind of therapy can transform the world view of the client into a new paradigm.

Peer mentors at McDaniel College

There are a number of job positions for a Certified Peer Specialist:

Main theory

Peer mentoring uses goal-oriented, motivational interviewing. Have a list of goals, and list steps you must take to get there. If one's life has no direction and no goals, meaningful daily activities are the goal. Ideas can be:

Mark Salzer describes integrative health. This is exactly what we do at One Mind Restoration, we prepare you for goal-driven living, and that's what all Soteria-based programs are intended for. The first thing you must learn is how to challenge yourself daily for progress.

Raquel Gur, MD, PhD explains why laws must change to allow for holistic, humane (Soteria) principles.


Being there involves more than a phone call, and more than a trip to the office. Peer support can be adapted to involve family diplomacy and acting as a caretaker. It's more than talk. Talk is cheap. Peer support addresses all aspects of life, not just talk and not just drugs. Optionally, drugs aren't even necessary. A peer specialist can help with holistic care.

It's unique that people with more professionalism than most psychiatrists have concrete, proven, lived and experienced research to backup what they say and what treatments they suggest.

Peer support allows for a holistic method to battle, confront and embrace mental illness. We teach and train you what you need for wellness in your emotional, physical and spiritual life, and our activities allow you to enjoy life. Who wants to be addicted to drugs and play video games all day while causing oneself pain and tardive dyskinesia or diabetes, etc? A few hours a week of video games is beneficial to cognitive function, they don't always have negative influence. That isn't recovery. We avoid the profit machine and promote thriving instead.

The basic needs are food, water and shelter, and above that is safety and then love and belonging. What if those layers of Maslow's Triangle are fulfilled instead? What if adaptations are developed for the circumstances when those layers have been removed?


For user Endless Paradigms, he didn't start making progress until he used very strong herbs that addressed the adrenal system: home-brewed kombucha, ashwagandha, then mucuna pruriens and Resveratrol, then meditation. Herbs are powerful, Endless Paradigms suggests you try them, but they're not compatible with the meds offered by psychiatrists.

Immediately after I found that mucuna pruriens took my depression away, I started taking it daily, and the same with Resveratrol, which took away my panic attacks. I had been experimenting for years, many of which were dangerous, and I finally found a treatment. After a few years of mucuna and Resveratrol, I upgraded to meditation and prayer because I know that abusing any drug, no matter how holistic, creates a chemical imbalance. Therefore, every drug must be temporary.
— Endless Paradigms

Since there's no physical evidence for mental illness, no test can be done to diagnose it. This means it isn't physical. It may be the result of a brain injury, which is a more plausible explanation. Once we know the cause, we can work on a solution. One Mind Restoration works on the answer. The way of treating a physical injury is with physical therapy. A brain injury needs Oxygen and cognitive therapy. In the case of PTSD, for example, it has safer treatments than fatal medications, and they all effect vital functions. Some turn muscle into water. Others cause spasms called tardive dyskinesia. Others cause an itchy rash. About all of them cause alterations to thought or sleep.

Suicide prevention saving lives

If someone is suicidal, professionals in the old model have been conditioned to respond in a way that promotes more suicidal behavior. "They need drugs because they act out" or "It's better than the alternative." However, the statistics prove contrary to those sayings and reduce them to no more than delusional excuses. In nearly all cases, the psychiatrist is more delusional than the person subject to his or her treatment. Focusing on the problem only, without a solution, attracts more of the problem. We focus on the solution mostly, and not so much on the problem. The solution is coping skills, eating well, social connectedness and thriving.

The previous, outdated alternative, vitalized by profit (documentary)

There's a terroristic attack on humanity that feeds on those who don't know how to say 'no'. The death-toll in the war on humanity waged by the profit machines of the psychiatric field outweigh all the wars in human history combined. Her's a documentary about the front-lines of the psychiatric industry and its death-toll:

At the 20-minute mark in the above video, Navy seal Chief Petty officer Mikal Vega, made it through a neck-break from an IED, fire-fights and more and that didn't kill him, but the psychiatrist almost did.

An analogy using electronics

It's the mind that decides what to shoot and when, and it's the mind that decides how to carry it out. It's a process that's very specific and mission-critical. If that mind is altered in any way, the result will also be altered. It's a bit obvious, if you crack the seal on a CPU, allowing light and air into it, the entire computer might not function correctly. Even though you have a theory that the photoelectric effect from the light would "take the edge off," it's still going to put a bug in the system and it won't function correctly if at all. The computer is broken by mind-altering drugs, which damages all area of life because they're all based on the mind, or the CPU in our example.

Dealing with the guilt

If you are a psychiatrist, and feel responsible for all the lives you took, you don't have to be overwhelmed with the guilt if you stop and never do it again. There's still a future for you. Psychosis is very common among psychiatrists because of the guilt. There's an ancient practice called repentance. You can transform your business into a holistic practice. You can base your new business on principles and virtues from One Mind Restoration. You can repair yourself with the therapies offered or described by One Mind Restoration and associates and resources. You might want to hear from our star user Endless Paradigms, he has overcome mental illness and the peer-pressure of the psychiatric industry. Your college education isn't in the trash, but can be used in a less arrogant and more positive way, employed by your local health food store. It won't pay as much, but you will no longer be guilty of murder, and you'll have enlightenment in your heart. You are not hopeless, but a human being in a life-long school of learning, and this is one of the lessons. You can even learn to forgive yourself. The guilt can be overwhelming, and even drive people to commit crime.

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