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Life is a School

Community-based, human-centered thinking

Life is a school, you were put here to learn your lessons. Every day, it's something new. Therefore, we'll seek out knowledge & wisdom so that we may fulfill our prime directive. They're not taught in a classroom, but instead, in your head, on the street, in the mountains, in the meadow, etc. It starts with what you put into your conscience & body because the 2 aren't separate in this world. On the day they will separate, whether you have learned your lessons or not will stay with you forever. Considering this, it's paramount that you learn your lessons. It starts with an optimistic viewpoint. There have been philosophers throughout history to help us with the lessons. Many philosophies have been turned into religion, but don't let that stop you from seeking the truth that will set you free from the absence of the lessons in your conscience. Ego work is another lesson. Unrest among nations & leaders is because of the lack of the responsibility in the lessons of life.
— Endless Paradigms

Life begets life, death begets death. Choose life.

Life starts as a young child, & must grow, undergoing natural cycles because it's not right to cast the natural cycles to the dogs. Whenever cycles of nature are opposed, bad things, such as disease, happen. The universe must always balance whether we like it or not. Disease is perfectly balanced with whatever else is causing it. Eliminate the cause, & you eliminate the effect, it isn't rocket science. That's where the saying comes from about how it's not right to take the children's portion & cast it to dogs, they'll deal with the burdens of the adult world when they get there. As for childhood, it should remain free in order for them to learn the basics of life.

Let the children first be filled, for it isn't right to take the children's meat & toss it to swine. That saying means that it may seem bad for children to learn their own lessons, but natural cycles must take their course (develop potential)
Once their brains make the necessary pathways to adapt to this dimension, they flourish in new progression (manifest their dreams)

I thought life is but a dream

The real fire & the flood (the flood (Yin) is also the fire (Yang)

Figure out what it would be like to grow backwards & become a child again every 3 years. Would that be something you would consider? Isn't that what the ancients did in Shangri-la who lived centuries? Of course, they also had sparseness, so negative energy from others rarely ever reached them. As humanity became more populated, their life span went down because they had little to no resistance to the energy.

What if I told you that a select few of us have been given a force-field to develop the resistance to negative energy from others? The key lies in the practice of embracing everything. I eat dark energy, do you understand me? I spit it out & sift through it & extract the light. The God within separates bone & marrow, & gets an eternal supply of light from it. When we meditate, we see that the valley below is filled with energy, breathe it all in, & when you exhale, flood the area with light. This is Noah's Flood (and people never die, but negative principalities do). The flood goes on all the time. Literalists become no more than comic strips. The same is true about the Red Sea flowing over the Egyptian army in the Torah. The flood comes out of me because I'm a conduit of divine electromotive force.

We ebb & flow, ebb & flow, & we never stop. We call this Personal Riptide. It's a cycle, & it's not a disorder, but balance that most of us don't know about, but it's growth. Come into balance & thus, promote life & growth. We may go from Heaven, to Earth, & back & forth. Heaven is the sea with all the other waves, & we touch down to Earth in a smaller version of life when a fraction of us touch the sand.

Merrily merrily merrily merrily, life is but a dreamy school

The nursery song says "dream" because we're in another dimension that we started with, one of the Biophotons. We're alive to learn the lessons of life; it's a school & a troublesome one, but we must stay here so we can learn. In the story of the Tree of Knowledge & the Forbidden Fruit, we're trapped inside the tree until we can learn our lesson to trust in God (our devine parents). See the Forbidden Fruit Technique to see one method for learning the lessons of life.

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Showing up is 80 percent of life.
— Woody Allen