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Community-based, human-centered thinking

If you don't self-educate, you're not going to learn the real life-skills you need like how to thrive & have a suitable place to sleep. In school as of 2017, success isn't taught. Unfortunately, we don't teach success either because it was never taught to us. Never let your schooling interfere with your education.


  1. Human System
  2. Economy
  3. Environment
  4. Politics
  5. Mental Function & What One Can Do Recover (Neurological)
  6. Successful Advice
  7. Lies from History Class
  8. Cyclical Nature in Everything
  9. Behavior
  10. Food
  11. Philosophy & Spirituality
  12. Home Schooling
  13. Thriving


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Looks can be deceptive, but virtue is beautiful.
— Ben Marston