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Community-based, human-centered thinking

Separation (or suffering) creates all sorts of mental injuries: anxiety, depression, etc. We're a community of people who have been liberated (freed) from the mental illness of separation. Union creates stability & a sense of purpose in life. It's a statistical fact, the lower you are in social function, the more likely you are to die. There's hope though. One of our members was antisocial years ago, but listened to a lot of sounds & speeches to hype him up (motivational speeches), & talking to others wasn't blockaded anymore. In order to follow his example, you have to be strong. You have to make a transformation in paradigm.

A united community works through an internetwork of adaptations. One member learns from one another, adapting to his or her points of view. This way, there's respect & no violence, but communication & reasoning instead. A society like this is most effectively governed by the US Constitution. The police also act within the constitution.

Leave no trace

Living with people requires a whole new set of selflessness & putting yourself in the other person's shoes. For instance, everyone making a huge mess that everyone else has to walk through isn't fair to anyone. If each person is responsible for his or her own mess, dish, chair, space at the table, place of sleeping, food supply, etc, then it's fair to everyone else. This concept is called leave no trace. Coincidentally, the philosophy has been detailed in the Trail Community.

"Man is essentially a being of light." Fritz A Popp describes in Biophoton Field Theory the nervous energy that reflects who we are. Healing Mind Restoration Project takes it a step further & puts it into a practice, which is wisdom.

A community is a large team. It can have teams within it to make things work, such as modular homes.

Marston's Social Model is a description of a most efficient community because it's based on cooperation of needs. This is opposed to the current societal model, based on Edward Bernaysian materialism.

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