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Biophoton Field Theory

Did you know that your body glows? It's no lie; it glows & it's a scientific fact. It just so happens that all living cells generate tiny orbs of light called biophotons. The glow is too weak to be seen by the naked eye, but can be seen by using highly sensitive cameras. It has been discovered that they serve biological functions, namely communication between cells. Due to the emerging evidence, & the fact that the forces of life aren't yet explained, I'm convinced that the explanation for all life processes is written in the Biophoton Field.

Biophotons are weak electromagnetic waves in the optical spectrum that are generated, or so it was thought at the time, by one or more living cells. In 1923, a Russian medical scientist Professor Alexander G. Gurwitsch discovered the Biophoton Field (called it mitogenetic radiation). Gurwitsch wrote a paper in 1941 on early cancer diagnosis by detecting mitogenetic radiation — a cheap & easy way of detecting cancer before it spreads & becomes a problem. He was awarded a Stalin Prize for it! This was over 70 years ago! He knew it was all about cell communication. His "heretical" discovery flourished among the open-minded. Australia, Germany & Russia are among those who have accepted the reality of such light.

Dr. Fritz Albert Popp, in 1974, made them more known to the scientific community, the inventor of the Biophoton Theory. Popp's experiments proved their nature. Popp & his team developed Biophoton Theory after a lot of experimenting with the Biophoton Fields between cells. The light is stored in the DNA of the cell's nucleus, or so it appears. They're emitted & received by other cells much as neurotransmitters do as a form of communication. This communication is responsible for the regulation of of chemical reactions, morphogenesis, growth differentiation & regeneration of cells.

"We know today that man, essentially, is a being of light."

& the modern science of photobiology is presently proving this. In terms of healing the implications are immense. We now know, for example, that quanta of light can initiate, or arrest, cascade-like reactions in the cells, & that genetic cellular damage can be virtually repaired, within hours, by faint beams of light.

"We are still on the threshold of fully understanding the complex relationship between light & life, but we can now say emphatically, that the function of our entire metabolism is dependent on light."

The central nervous system isn't a bunch of wires after all. The UV coherent light jumps from neuron to neuron at lightning-fast speed so your brain receives the signal wirelessly & instantly. Since biophotons are very weak, the signal needs lots of powered wireless hubs (nerves) to keep boosting the signal.

The Biophoton Field, though once thought to be only among cells, extends several feet from one's body. Because of the experiments done to examine & record the aura, many scientists believe that the state of a living thing's light is a perfect reflection of the health of the physical subject. There have been studies conducted on cancer patients & other sick people to see how their Biophoton Field compared with those of healthy individuals. Those who were sick consistently displayed a weaker field — the shadows are real & cause sickness! This & other findings aren't very startling to those who already know it, those who practice traditional Chinese medicine, working with Lines of Qi. It's slowly becoming apparent that the Qi is related to the Biophoton Field.

Researchers at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago observed that human cells in a culture could synchronize their internal chemical processes despite being chemically, mechanically & electrically isolated from one another. The cells were seemingly communicating through the exchange of photons. Cells are able to detect & communicate with their low-level radiation despite interference & disturbances from outside sources. It's as if they have their own distinct frequencies.

Rush University doesn't teach anything pertaining to biophotons, I called them. I'm not sure what source that paragraph came from. No matter where it happened, it happened.

Sergei Mayburov from Lebedev Institute in Moscow may have the answer to this phenomenon. He has observed that biophoton streams consist of short quasi periodic bursts, similar to binary data sent over a noisy channel. In several experiments on plants, he found that growing plants increase the rate of growth in surrounding plants by 30 percent; a rate faster than what is possible with normal light. Same thing with eggs; mature eggs actually stunt the growth of growing eggs in some cases. This is proof that biophotons play a critical role not only in cell communication within a living organism, but also communication with surrounding organisms. The study of biophotons is taking off in cancer research, early medical diagnosis, food & water quality testing, chemical & electromagnetic contamination testing, cell communication & biotechnology.

Cause of physical body (Biophoton Field).
Result of field (physical body).

Simple experiment you can do at home to observe evidence of your Biophoton Field

Dr Emoto did research in his lab on the effects of the Biophoton Field on water molecules. He gave us the rice experiment so we can see this effect at home. The results vary depending on what Biophoton Field is conducting it. There are some people who have their Field inside them, there are others with Fields of varying degrees of strength, there are many different way the Field can oscillate. Conventional American mainstream science cannot comprehend these because they're too complex. US science is to be kept simple & so blatent a 2-year-old can understand it. Anything complicated is left to Germany, Russia & Australia to understand.

Benefits of biophoton therapy

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