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Community-based, human-centered thinking

The advent of peer services in the 1800s has proven to benefit society. It was suffocated politically in the USA until 2009. Creation of a peer-run community hub will solve problems such as rehabilitative, recovery-oriented sheltering, re-education to learn how to thrive as a team, efficient housing for employment via hirise or tinyhome & transfer from elsewhere. Online, the site doubles as a support group forum for all problems.

Economical community hub program that addresses:



We offer proactive hope with Maslow's & Marston's Triangles in practice. We use physical activity with intellectual stimulation along with sound (Mozart Effect) & food to increase Oxygen flow & critical thinking. One Mind Restoration is for people serious about focused transition into a structured life. This recovery, educational, housing & employment program stimulates the community by providing proactive & challenging recovery.

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