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Community-based, human-centered thinking
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Catastrophe can really bring people together, it's a well-known fact. Togetherness relieves stress. Hope for catastrophe, the pessimistic thinking most people have is destroying society. There's an explanation for that. Hoping for catastrophe comes from wanting community, team-building & thus a decrease in stress. The answer is to create these conditions of team-building & community without having to create a disaster first. That way, thee unnecessary stresses don't have to be create in the first place. People actually want the end to come. What about progress? Isn't optimism a whole lot more productive? Pessimism can trickle through society & create problems. Here's an example:

Because my injury wasn't visible to the naked eye, nobody cared at all & chose to bypass my struggle through life rather than help. I'm not a victim, I have difficulties because of the noise & pollution people invite into their homes & buildings that most other people don't give a second thought to. Please take note that a surgery on the cerebellum can damage or block the reticular system. Sleep & all life-skills are effected.

The point is, families help some children, but not others. This is why there has to be a system in place that can help people get their lives together. Nobody exists in a vacuum, we all need one another, so let's be a team. Maybe we can all learn new things together so there's no more ignorance, the cause of all suffering. Here are some courses that we can all learn from: courses.

Complete lack of societal functionality: since I had no support, I couldn't live indoors. Since I didn't live indoors (moved 58 times including the street), I couldn't complete much college. Since I never completed college, I couldn't get a decent job, even if I had a place to work from. Since no girl will date a homeless person with no credible education, I never lived with her. Because I never lived with her, the orphan we were going to adopt went homeless. I met that orphan, this is real thing. I know, it's a sadness & malfunction that has spanned 3 generations now. Misery creates more misery, even over generations. Doing everything in your power to take no action in order to make that person miserable is the beginning.

Sure, life will test us with set-backs, but they aren't permanent. I'd like to base this nonprofit on that so no one will ever have to go through the complete lack of life hijacked by yippie-ki-yay, let's-take-advantage, landlords. what I've been through. My injury might be permanent, & living comfortably indoors doesn't have to be an impossible dream. The man in the video had mentors who guided the way. I don't, that's the difference. We all could use better mentors.

Instead of good mentors, most of us meet a bunch of scam-artists who should really be arrested, but corruption is completely legal. Where has liberty & justice for all gone? Let's fix that.

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.
Albert Einstein

A metaphysical cure for everything is what used to work, & it can still work today. The profiteering of creating delusion of chemical balance & this & that didn't work. All of us are effected & affected by the chemicals & GMO's. We must rise above it. Start with the About Page or seminars on neurobiology. Then go over the Therapies that might work more effectively than sitting in a chair & not doing much or going on in the corporate lifestyle, oblivious of what reality really is.

Your wisdom and ability got you where you are today, and the progression of your wisdom and ability will get you where you ought to be tomorrow. Learn today for action tomorrow.
— Benjamin Marston

After reading & watching the previous, you can see that helping one another combined with a be all that you can be attitude will make an economy thrive. As an effort to provide such a solution, One Mind Restoration created a business plan that's described on the About Page.


How many times have you used the Pythagorean Theorem? If you're a carpenter or some other type of engineer, it might come in handy. What if you're a botanist? The point is, we're all taught to be engineers in K through 12 schooling. We're forced to be self-taught as we experience lessons in life we're not prepared for. Let's make it easier to be self-taught, put life-mindsets online as classes. Since having to spend money for every move we make prevents us from progressing at all, let's make them free of charge. Take it a bit further, make those classes a part of a social network. The growing project of education can be seen here. The right mindset will give us a way to achieve our goals without any obstacles coming from us.

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